Teen Pregnancy Answers – Top Ten Concerns About Getting Pregnant

These top teen pregnancy answers are written in response to our recent post on top teen pregnancy questions. Since teenage pregnancy is on the rise, we start with some basic information that will eliminate misunderstandings about how and when you can get pregnant. We also cover important health issues that often come with it.

  • At what age can a girl get pregnant?The US Department of Health and Human Services provides some of the best teen pregnancy answers to this question. Pregnancy becomes possible at the onset of menarche, or a girl’s first menstrual period. Menarche can occur as early as eight years old and as late as fifteen, with the average menarche occurring at twelve years. Menstruation is a sign that the female body is ready to conceive, signaled by the monthly flow of blood that follows ovulation.
  • What are the ways to become pregnant? Is kissing one of them?This question is common as is: Can I get pregnant without actual intercourse? Can oral sex make me pregnant?, Does making out with my boyfriend pose the risk of pregnancy?, etc. Activities that will not make a girl pregnant include kissing, holding hands, necking, petting, fondling of private parts above or under clothes, giving or receiving oral sex, doing sex acts that do not involve penetration, or by means of sperm traveling in water (pools and hot tubs).Getting pregnant is unlikely but theoretically not impossible with fondling of female genitalia using hands, other body parts, or objects that have come in contact with sperm. However, the surest way to become pregnant is with penile penetration of the female genitalia and the presence of sperm (pre-cum or ejaculation) during sexual contact.
  • How can I avoid getting pregnant?Many sites and literature about birth control and safe sex offer teen pregnancy answers to this concern, so a close look into possibilities and options can greatly help. The best way to avoid pregnancy is by not having sex at all.For sexually active females, though, there is birth control to consider. There are different types that carry their own set of risks and effectiveness, from condoms to intra-uterine devices, to prescription pills, diaphragms, and sponges. It is smart to remember that no birth control pills are 100 percent effective all the time. There is also emergency contraception (commonly called the morning-after pill) for those who have had unprotected sex are afraid of becoming pregnant. This method should be viewed as birth control.
  • How can I be sure that I am pregnant?If you have a missed period following unprotected sex, you can get tested for pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests bought from drug stores provide instant teenage pregnancy answers (positive or negative) and are relatively accurate. It is still recommended to get tested at a proper clinic to be absolutely sure, though. If results show that you are pregnant, the doctor can discuss any other pregnancy concerns.
  • Is there a way to stop pregnancy after having unprotected sex?Morning-after pills can cause side effects and other potential risks, so consulting a doctor is a must before taking them. They can only be taken after tests prove that you are not pregnant. Taking them when already pregnant can cause life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. It is vital to get teen pregnancy answers on this particular matter from professionals and avoid self-medication so your health (and the baby’s) will not be compromised. If you live in a place where an emergency measure like this is not available, call a local crisis hotline to discuss your options.
  • What are the early signs of pregnancy?Missing a period (from a few weeks to a full month) is one of the most telling signs that you may be pregnant. This is especially true for girls who have regular periods. Other teen pregnancy answers to this question include breast tenderness, nausea or vomiting that is not the cause of any illness, unusually thick vaginal discharge, water retention or bloating, extra sensitivity to certain smells, peculiar food cravings, and a thickening of the waist not attributed to lack of exercise or eating too much.
  • What are the possible pregnancy complications among teens?The sudden increase of teen pregnancy rates in the past year shows that there are also a number of miscarriages, live births and abortions. Teen pregnancy does have its risks since teen bodies are still developing and are not really ready to carry a child. When poor dietary habits and other lifestyle choices factor in, there can be health risks for the mother and the fetus. Hypertension and anemia are two of the most common health complications for pregnant girls. Babies of teens can be premature, underweight, have physical or mental disabilities, or worse, be stillborn.
  • How do I tell my parents that I am pregnant?Telling your parents about your pregnancy may seem scary, but is the best solution to your fears. Beyond providing financial support, your family is also the best source of emotional support whether you choose to have an abortion or give birth to and raise your child. Although they may be disappointed at your news, they can help you every step along the way.
  • What options are there for a teen mom/dad?Terminating a pregnancy in the early stages may be an option in certain states, and usually requires parental consent. The two main teen pregnancy answers to this question are adoption and parenting. Adoption options are planned during pregnancy. A thorough discussion covering all important matters of the adoption (including frequency of contact between the birth mother and her child, if ever) is spelled out in a contract between the birth mother and the adoptive parents. If you choose to raise your child, then of course, parenting starts at birth. You must prepare yourself as much as possible for the responsibilities that come from the commitment to raise a newborn baby into a grown adult. This process is easier if you have the support of the father of the child as well as your family and his.
  • Are there government programs to help pregnant teens?Planned Parenthood reports that by the age of eighteen, 1 in 4 teen girls have become pregnant. The United States government shoulders the expenses of close to half of teenage births in this country because adolescent girls usually are not in a position to provide for themselves and their child.The current administration provides teen pregnancy answers to ongoing questions by supporting various organizations and encouraging education rather than just abstinence. Depending on where you live, there may be resources such as the Teen Parent Services Program run by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Teen Parent Connections program of California, the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy, and similar organizations.

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Teen Pregnancy Help Questions – Frequently Asked Questions by Teens

The following teen pregnancy help questions are carefully selected to reflect the issues which adolescents are mostly concerned about. Teenage pregnancy has become a national concern. 2010 statistics show a steep increase in the number of girls who get pregnant between fifteen and nineteen. This is a noticeable change after almost a decade of steady decline in adolescent pregnancy.


The implications of teen pregnancy go beyond personal and societal issues. Equally important are the various health concerns such as sexually transmissible diseases, adolescent gestational complications, and other sexual and pregnancy-related ailments that could adversely affect the life of both the pregnant teen and the baby. Also, with the rising incidence of teen pregnancy, debates over government financial assistance for it are getting more and more heated. If you are a teen who is curious about pregnancy or suspect that you are pregnant, read these teen pregnancy help questions to help shed some light on your uncertainties and concerns. The answers for them can be found by clicking on teen pregnancy answers.


teen pregnancy help questions

Teen pregnancy help questions

  1. At what age can a girl get pregnant?
    Even with sex education classes and free literature from pregnancy information campaigns, this is without a doubt one of the top teen pregnancy help questions being asked by teens themselves.
  2. What are the ways to become pregnant? Is kissing one of them?
    Other related teen pregnancy help questions for this which can be found in forums, teen chat rooms, and help sites include Can I get pregnant without actual intercourse?, Can oral sex make me pregnant?, and other variations requiring educated answers.
  3. How can I avoid getting pregnant?
    This is one of the most-asked teen pregnancy help questions in sites and literature about birth control and safe sex, which needs to be addressed carefully and according to context.
  4. How can I be sure that I am pregnant?
    Certainty about being pregnant is a primary concern of teenagers who suspect they may be with child, making this one of the most important teen pregnancy help questions being asked all the time.
  5. Is there a way to stop pregnancy after having unprotected sex?
    Along with the rising statistics of teen pregnancy is the increased incidence of abortion, which paves the way for this concern to become part of teen pregnancy help questions that need clarification.
  6. What are the early signs of pregnancy?
    Once pregnancy is confirmed, apprehension about its signs and symptoms prompt would-be teen moms to raise one of the most vital teen pregnancy help questions to guide them.
  7. What are the possible pregnancy complications among teens?
    Along with the above concern, these teen pregnancy help questions are significant for teens who have decided to continue with their pregnancy.
  8. How do I tell my parents that I am pregnant?
    Counselors and social workers often get asked variations of teen pregnancy help questions like these, and they need to be answered with honesty and encouragement.
  9. What options are there for a teen mom/dad?
    Some of the teen pregnancy help questions to be asked right after the initial worries about the possibility of pregnancy are characteristically pro-active, such as this one.
  10. Are there government programs to help pregnant teens?
    An in-depth discussion of how the government provides subsidy for pregnant teens can shed light on teen pregnancy help questions revolving around financial matters.

Teen pregnancy answers to these questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask them on this page.

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Know If A Teen Boy Likes You

It is only logical to want to know if a teen boy likes you. It may seem like a difficult thing to find out, but there are actually simple and effective ways to do so. The rule of thumb is to be yourself because nobody likes a poseur. Pretending to be somebody you are not just to attract somebody will always backfire in the long run and leave everyone feeling short-changed…including yourself. That being said, read all about the five most common signs of reciprocated affection from the boy you admire.

1. He treats you differently from other girls.

Know if a teen boy likes you with body languageYour crush may be constantly surrounded by girls at school or elsewhere, but one way to know if a teen boy likes you is if he treats you differently from all of them. It does not need to be done in obvious ways such as getting down on one knee and declaring his affection for you. Little things that are noticeable by you and other people may include volunteering to carry your books or bag for you, giving you a special smile, pet name or look, sharing his interests in music, books, movies, and other things with you, etc. The real tell is when he wants to spend just a little more time being around you or talking to you. If he does pretty much the same thing with every other girl, then chances are he’s just an overall nice (and perhaps flirtatious) guy.

2. His body language mostly leans towards you.

Watch out for body language. He may be touchy-feely (draw the line at someone who doesn’t respect your limits, though, as this is never a good thing) or else leaning towards you or bending as if to get his ear nearer your mouth to hear you better when you talk.

Psychologists have chronicled the body language of people who are attracted to each other, and some of the tried and tested ways to know if a teen boy likes you is to see if he slouches his shoulders towards you when in conversation, when he puts a hand on your arm or shoulder when crossing streets, and if he sets his chair at an angle where he can always look at you when you sit down and talk.

3. His friends let on that your crush has mentioned you to them.

Teen girls almost always get into the habit of discussing their crushes (typically during slumber parties and as a giggling herd gathered in the ladies room together). Believe it or not, teen boys do this as well, though perhaps in a less giggly and more subdued version.

Once your crush introduces you to a pal of his and the pal says something along the lines of hearing about you, you can rest assured you have been discussed in earnest. One way to know if a teen boy likes you is if his friends give you the once-over as if assessing you if you pass muster for their friend as a potential love interest. If this happens, try not to make too much of a deal about it. Whatever the opinion of your crush’s friends may be, the decision to like you back is still all up to him.

4. He either makes plenty of eye contact or he cannot look you in the eye for too long.

This is perhaps one of the trickiest ways to know if a teen boy likes you. If he is shy, chances are he’ll have a hard time looking at you in the eye when you talk or pass each other. Or, if he’s a confident guy, the opposite might just happen—he may always try to catch your eye!

One great way to determine how he feels about you is to carefully observe eye contact signals with his body language. Even if you are not in conversation and he’s goofing around with his friends, see if his eyes keep flickering in your direction as if to gauge if you are watching him be cool, smart, or funny. If it does, there’s a big chance he’s into you and wondering if you like him back, in turn.

5. He asks you out.

No doubt about it, the biggest way to know if a teen boy likes you is he asks for your number and if you can hang out sometime. If he is a bit shy, he might offer his number first so that the ball is in your court as far as setting a date is concerned. If he is a confident dude, you can be sure he feels something for you if he calls you up ASAP and starts a conversation that probes if you are in a relationship, what your interests are, and other topics that could lead to knowing if you are into him.

Though they are by no means fool-proof ways to know if a teen boy likes you, these five signs have been around longer than when your grandmother was a teenager herself. Act cool, confident, and always remember to be yourself all the time whether you are around your crush or not.

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